Dead Island 2 Pre-Order Shows Up On Microsoft Marketplace

Dead Island was a popular zombie open world video game title. Released all the way back in 2011 the video game focused on players surviving while stuck on an infected island full of the undead. It was melee intense action RPG video game title that was generally well received. There were enough positive feedback and consumers jumping on the video game to allow this franchise to experience a longer life with additional video game titles. However, since Dead Island, we’ve been waiting on the sequel, Dead Island 2.

We were teased and was provided with a trailer to Dead Island 2 back in 2014, but it was years since the video game really had any big progress announcement. Over the years the video game exchanged development studio hands and for the most part, have been stuck in development hell. Despite this, the game was never canceled fully and it was even recently announced to still be alive and well by THQ Nordic.

While THQ Nordic didn’t give any new details on the matter other than the video game was not being killed off, it does appear that Dead Island 2 may receive some news sooner than later. It was recently discovered online that Dead Island 2 is being featured on the Microsoft store for pre-order. Currently, it looks like the standard placeholder release date is set for the game so we don’t actually have a launch date to give out yet. Though since this game has recently been introduced on the Microsoft store for pre-order, it could mean that we will see it during E3 this year.

As it stands, Sumo Digital is the developers behind the game, but as mentioned, its been years since the initial announcement was made to the public for Dead Island 2. With that said, we could see a new premise to the game and design, but for now, we’ll have to wait and see if this game is highlighted at all during E3 2019.

Source: Marooners’ Rock, Microsoft