Mortal Kombat 11 Top NPD Charts for the Month of April 2019; Top 20 Detailed


The monthly NPD for April 2019 has released and it has NetherRealm Studios fighting title — Mortal Kombat 11 on the top of the list!

May 2019 turned out to be one of the biggest months in gaming for 2019 as we had a ton of releases this month such as MK11, Days Gone, MLB: The Show 19, and Rage 2. That’s just the headliner titles as there were plenty other great titles released this month; so everyone on the list should be happy as it is one tough month to get on the list!

Check out the full list of top downloads of April 2019 down below:

Earlier this month the PlayStation Blog detailed the top downloads of the month for May 2019 and NetherRealm’s fighting title, Mortal Kombat 11 came out on top again!

The recently released installment in the franchise was obviously a big seller within the gaming community as it came out on top on 2 separate top downloaded lists. Check out the full list of top downloads for the PlayStation platforms right here!

May 2019 was a big month for gaming, but we now march towards the month f June which is debatably one of the biggest months for gaming as E3 2019 rapidly approaches. Make sure to tune into Gameranx as we will be bringing you the latest news from E3 2019!

Source: NPD via DualShockers