Judgment Finally Has A New Release Date After Incident

Sega had a new IP release recently in Japan known as Judgment. The game was a spin-off to the Yakuza series where players take on the role of a private detective who is investigating a series of murder cases. Overall, the gameplay still had the same style as the Yakuza series and it was even released in Japan back in December of last year. However, an actor by the name of Pierre Taki was used as the model for a major character. Likewise, Pierre voiced the character as well, but shortly after the video game’s initial release date, Pierre got into some legal trouble that dealt with drug use. This ultimately resulted in Sega pulling the game from both store shelves and digital sales.

Apparently, Sega wanted to completely erase the character from the game which resulted in the development team going back and changing out the model along with having a new actor voice the character. After a few months of work, Sega revealed that they are capable of releasing the game once again in Asian markets on July 18, 2019. Interestingly enough, this undertaking didn’t force the delays into Western markets as the developers are still able to deliver the game with its original intended release of June 25, 2019.

We’re not far from the release at all so if you’re looking for a new action-adventure title then you may want to check into Judgment. As mentioned, Judgment will be releasing on June 25, 2019 outside of Japan and will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.


Source: Gematsu