GTA 5 Collector’s Edition Image Discovered

No, this isn’t a leak that you have to avoid like the bubonic plague. Grand Theft Auto 5 is just days away from release, and as you’d guess, plenty of videos plainly showing what many people would consider spoilers have surfaced on the internet. Instead of sitting around and watching scenes from a game that most of us intend to buy either on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, let’s take a look at the first image of the previously announced Collector’s Edition, shall we?

Those who’ve pre-ordered the GTA 5 Collector’s Edition will gain access to a slew of goodies, including bonus weapons, outfits, multiplayer add-ons, and trials. Actual content that you can play and not just wear makes it worth the price of admission, but there are plenty of physical items to be ogled, too. A full blue-print map, security deposit bag, exclusive SteelBook, and Snapback cap will also be shoved into this massive package. Some of the items can be seen in the image above, but we detailed everything you’ll gain access to in an earlier post.

Let’s forget about the leaks and hundreds of people currently enjoying Rockstar’s biggest blockbuster. None of it will matter when we all get our hands on GTA 5 Sept. 17.