Call of Duty 2019 Reveal Is Underway

The long-standing and much-beloved video game franchise, Call of Duty, has yet to receive a new installment reveal for this year. We know that something is in the works and there has been plenty of rumors of just what the video game will be about. However, there has yet to be any official reveal or announcement on the matter. Regardless, it does appear that something will be coming out shortly thanks to a financial earnings call meeting from Activision.

As it turns out, the reveal of the 2019 Call of Duty video game is not that far away. During the earnings call, Activision revealed that their 2019 iteration of the Call of Duty franchise will be revealed this second quarter. Most likely, this is something to be revealed during E3 2019 if not prior. Unfortunately, the call didn’t state anything further so we don’t know just where this game will end up or the features it may come packed with. Each installment tends to add something new or unique but that chance of a change up could be costly depending on the initial fan trailer announcement reception.

One thing is for sure, the development team over at Infinity Ward is putting in the hours to deliver a great experience and one that will keep players coming back. With battle royale modes being quite popular today with game franchises, we imagine something of that nature will appear for the game upon launch. Regardless, right now it’s a waiting game to see just what the next Call of Duty video game title brings to the table.

Source: CharlieIntel, Games Radar