Epic Games Purchases Rocket League Development Studio

Psyonix has been around since 2000 though you may know them best for their highly successful video game releases, Rocket League. The game is simple to understand but can be a challenge and addiction to play. This studio hasn’t put out anything since Rocket League launched in 2015 but instead offered several updates to ensure new content rolls out to the video game title along with stability updates. At any rate, Epic Games has recently acquired the development studio which may change where gamers can purchase the game going forward.

Epic Games has been a big focus in video game news publications lately. The company has recently provided plenty of competition towards Valves Steam marketplace. Essentially, Epic Games Store is a marketplace for gamers to purchase PC games but lately, Epic Games have been attracting exclusives towards their marketplace. Much to the dismay to some gamers out there that wish to own a particular game on the Steam marketplace, Epic Games has continued to find new exclusives with the latest acquirement being Psyonix.

Going forward nothing will change in terms of updates and content for whatever platform you own Rocket League on. However, once Epic Games fully owns Psyonix the video game will cease being available for purchase on the Steam marketplace but instead will be exclusive on Epic Games Store for PC players.

We’re sure that any future video game releases from the development studio will also be exclusive to the Epic Games Store marketplace, but as of right now, there is no word on if the development studio is working on anything unique outside of Rocket League.

Source: Game Informer, Psyonix