Survival Horror Title Darkwood is Heading to PlayStation 4 on May 14

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Gustaw Stachaszewski Co-Founder of Acid Wizard Studio took to the PlayStation Blog to announce that their survival horror title, Darkwood is coming to the PS4 later this month.

In a matter of fact, it’s coming in two weeks, on May 14th! The game is a survival horror title that puts players into a haunted forest filled with ghouls, monsters, and all sorts of crazy horror elements!

Stachaszewski  also went into a little detail about the inspiration the team had when creating Darkwood, check it out down below:


For inspiration, we turned our gaze outside of the game industry, mainly to the works of the old masters of cinema like Tarkovsky (Stalker) or Kubrick (The Shining). We were also heavily inspired by Slavic lore, books by Stanisław Lem, Strugacki brothers and games like Fallout or Dark Souls.

On a side note, many players describe Darkwood as Lovecraftian, and they are actually right as the game shares many (sometimes striking) resemblances with the works of the master of weird fiction. But the thing is, we only started reading his stories at the very end of Darkwood’s development, so all the similarities are the result of some sort of cosmic coincidence.

In 2018 I actually had the chance to review the game, and in my review I stated that: “Darkwood is one of those games that will really have to be up your alley. You will need to like survival games, you will need to be able to embrace a horrific world, and you will need to be able to figure mechanics out on your own.” Check out the full review for Darkwood right here!

Darkwood is set to release for the PS4 on May 14. Are you excited about the upcoming horror survival title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: PS Blog