PlayStation 5 Will Apparently Be Appealing

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When it comes to new generation consoles we’re expecting quite a few new features and enhancements to make it worth purchasing the console. However, one aspect that may be something unappealing is the fact we’ll have to fetch over some hefty money to enjoy the latest. We’re getting close to the upcoming consoles from both Sony and Microsoft. Earlier this week we got the first bit of news regarding the PlayStation 5, but one aspect that has yet to be disclosed to the public is the price point the new system will be set at when it launches.

The upcoming console will be backward compatible with the PlayStation 4 and that is one shred of news that I’m sure most are excited for. However, if you recall, the PlayStation 3 first released with the ability to play PlayStation 2 video games and that came with a massive price point. A good portion of the profits needed for the unit was to supply the ability to play PS2 video games and that could lead to some concern as to just how much it will cost Sony to deliver a console and make a profit for the PlayStation 5 if it’s capable of playing PS4 video games.

While we don’t know the official price point yet, an interview conducted by Wired did bring up the subject when speaking to Mark Cerny. Pointed out by the author of the interview through Twitter, Mark Cerny apparently stated that the console would be appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set. Again, this is just a comment made from Mark but we don’t have any official announcement from Sony so perhaps that may change by the time this new console will release.

Only time will tell but we’ll, of course, keep you posted on the very latest. In the meantime, how much do you think the upcoming consoles will cost? Let us now by leaving a comment down below.

Source: Twitter