Halo TV Series Casts Actor To Portray Master Chief

We’ve been waiting a while for the upcoming Halo TV series. This is one medium for the franchise that has been talked about, rumored and teased for years. However, it does look like the production is still moving along and we may finally see it make to the actual filming. Regardless, we at least know who will be taking on the role of Master Chief in the upcoming series as casting has been revealed for the character. As it turns out, Master Chief will be portrayed by Pablo Schreiber.

If you’re not familiar who the actor is, Pablo Schreiber portrays George Mendez in Orange Is The New Black, Mad Sweeney in American Gods along with William Lewis in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Now the actor will be taking on a role of a much-beloved character who has been featured as mainly the lead role in the Halo franchise since the first installment released back 2001. Alongside the announcement of Master Chief, we learned that Yerin Ha was cast as Quan Ah, a character not featured in the series.

While we don’t have any details regarding the narrative journey Showtime will be taking viewers, we already knew that Master Chief would be taking on an important role. Furthermore, in recent news, we learned why the former director decided to step away from the series. For now, it appears that the production is supposed to ramp up in the fall of this year. Of course, things could change and we’ll definitely keep tabs on the series but perhaps we’ll hear something around E3 this year to further hype up the beloved video game being adapted to a television series.

Source: Gamerant