Nintendo Switch Receives 8.0 Update

Nintendo launched their Nintendo Switch hybrid console just two years ago and it’s become a massive hit, thankfully after the past failure of the Nintendo Wii U. What may be most important to know right now, however, is that the system has received a brand new update. This update will put the Nintendo Switch to an 8.0 firmware and it comes with some new features into the mix. The biggest that you may find interesting is the new system save transfer option.

With 8.0 Nintendo Switch has a new feature in which gamers can transfer over their save files from one unit to another. This will, however, cause the origin system to erase the files from the system. Outside of this feature, there’s a new sorting system installed which will allow gamers to navigate their video game titles and content based around different aspects such as the game name or the software publisher.

Nintendo also added some new regions into the mix to adjust your Nintendo Switch for its localization along with new avatar icons and a zoom feature for the Nintendo Switch UI. What may be most notable for the latest rumors regarding Nintendo deals with the save transfer option. In the past few months, we’ve heard rumors regarding Nintendo releasing two new models for the Switch lineup.

These models will offer a more premium gaming experience along with a cheaper alternative. This saves transfer feature could allow gamers to make an upgrade or buy a second unit for a household while not losing out on any game progress. Of course, this is just speculation and rumors right now. If you own a Nintendo Switch, the 8.0 update is currently live right now.


Source: Nintendo Life