God of War Will Not Have Any DLC

2018 was a big year for Sony PlayStation 4 gamers. About a year ago gamers received God of War, a semi-reboot of the franchise which saw the return of Kratos along with his son, Atreus. This title was quite a big step for the franchise as it added a new story element for Kratos and the first new installment to the overall franchise after several years. However, with the game, there were some gamers who were wondering if the development team would continue the game progression through DLC. In the past, the director behind the title, Cory Barlog, has spoken of a potential DLC release that would have been massive.

That DLC never saw the light of day and Cory Barlog has expressed his disappointment of not pushing for the DLC despite being told by team members claiming it was too big and crazy. Regardless, there is a slight God of War celebration going on due to its anniversary. As such, there has been teases from the director which has lead plenty of gamers in assuming that one of the big upcoming announcements will be the fabled DLC for God of War, but that’s not the case.

Cory Barlog has stated previously that the DLC would never release and we probably will never hear about what the storyline would have entailed. However, because of the celebration event for the franchise, Cory went on to once again reiterate that the previously announced DLC comments are still not in the works. We’re not sure just what is in store for God of War franchise next, but in the meantime, Cory Barlog seems to be done with the 2018 release.


Source: Twitter