Reboot Vans Now Added To Fortnite

When it comes to battle royale video game titles there are a few iconic games that instantly come to mind. One of the biggest to have released is Epic Games Fortnite. The title has become a massive hit and is available on a wide range of platforms and it’s a free-to-play video game title so there’s nothing that would hold you back outside of not having access to the internet from enjoying the game today. However, over the years, we’ve seen new additions come to the video game which helps keep the title fresh and adds a new element to the overall match. Today, we’re finding out that Fortnite now has Reboot Vans.

Reboot Vans are something that has been rumored about in the past but now it’s officially available within the game. With these vans that are scattered about the map, down players could be revived and brought back into the game. How they work is also pretty simple but it does add some strategy into the mix and perhaps luck. When a teammate is downed they leave a Reboot Card for an active team player to pick up.

These cards only last 90 seconds which means that once a teammate picks up the card, they only have a little bit of time to reach a Reboot Van. As mentioned these vans are everywhere scattered about so you need to reach one for the Reboot Card to revive the down player. The Reboot Van only takes 10 seconds to work so during that time the active player may be vulnerable to getting attacked. After the player is revived, they are given access to a common pistol, ammo and some wood, while the Reboot Van will need a few minutes to become active once again.

Source: Twitter, Gamerant