Borderlands 3 May Support Cross-Play

Borderlands 3 was announced recently and fans have gone ecstatic with fans who have been waiting for a third main installment for years. Now that the third game is coming, we’re waiting for even more details to unveil. For starters, we got the first bit of information such as the trailer, cover art and a few details about what gamers can expect when they start the game. For the most part, this looks like the third installment will retain the same fun and amusement that fans have come to know the franchise for.

Of course, if you’re familiar with the series then you know that there is a bigger focus on cooperative gameplay. With more developers looking to deliver a cross-play friendly title, it would be interesting to see if Borderlands 3 comes out with the ability to connect with friends without any limitation to the console they are playing the game on.

GameSpot recently spoke with a spokesperson for 2K to find out about cross-play support though while they couldn’t say if the game will support it, the spokesperson on behalf of the development studio claimed that the developers are looking very closely into it. In other recent news regarding Borderlands 3, the game will be launching exclusively on the Epic Games Store for PC gamers which have created quite the outcry of fans. You can read about the whole matter right here along with the latest details regarding the title here.

As for when you can obtain your copy of Borderlands 3, the video game is slated to launch on September 13, 2019, for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.


Source: GameSpot