Nintendo Prepares For E3 2019 With New Webpage

E3 is almost here and we’re all preparing for the latest video game announcements, teases, trailers, and information that will be shared to the public. This E3 will be a bit different as there have been some companies deciding to back off from holding a press conference such as Sony along with EA. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some big contenders looking to bring out some big unveil. While we still have a couple of months, we do know today that Nintendo is already prepping the public for their E3 presence.

During E3 2019 Nintendo will hold their usual Nintendo Direct, a direct live feed upload that will include their line of announcements and trailers that were originally held at the main press conference on stage. We, unfortunately, don’t know just what Nintendo has planned, but today we’re discovering that the company has released a new webpage which alerts fans for June 11-13, 2019. These dates during E3 will apparently hold new video game announcements along with tournaments for players to compete in.

More information is likely to be added during the actual E3 event, but we’ll, of course, keep you posted on the latest right here on Gameranx. Furthermore, to hold you over until E3 this year, a new rumor has been circulating around online that suggests Nintendo is releasing two models for the Nintendo Switch. Apparently, one model will come at a discounted price as it will lose some of the basic features such as being able to connect to a television display. Likewise the more expensive of the two will have upgraded features for gamers.

Source: Nintendo