Twitch Prime Members Can Receive One Year of Nintendo Online Service for Free, Here’s How


Amazon and Nintendo have seemingly partnered up to bring a crazy special offer to their consumers. If you are a Prime member, Amazon’s Twitch Prime membership is offering one full free year of Nintendo’s Online Service as a reward.

Users who own Twitch Prime / Amazon Prime accounts, can now take advantage of this offer and claim their free Nintendo Online Service. However, the full year will be broken up into two parts — 3 months and 9 months. This is in order to keep people from subscribing to Prime for a month, cashing in on the reward, and then canceling their memberships.

So users who decide to take up Amazon on this special offer will first receive 3 months of online play and then will have to come back to add the next 9 months of free play manually. Amazon has a quick FAQ guide for all the big questions users must have, but I linked one down below discussing how users can claim this special offer, check it out down below:

How do I claim this offer?

This offer is available to Twitch Prime members only. If you aren’t currently a Twitch Prime member, click the “Try Prime” button above to start a free trial of Amazon Prime. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member, click “Sign In” to link your Twitch and Amazon accounts and activate your Twitch Prime membership. After logging in to your Twitch Prime account, click the “Claim Now” button to start the claim process.

You’ll then be required to link your Twitch and Nintendo accounts. After that, for users age 18+ in certain countries, register a credit card or link a PayPal account on the Nintendo website. Finally, you’ll be able to redeem your Nintendo Switch Online membership on your Nintendo Switch. A Nintendo Switch system is necessary in order to claim this offer. You must have logged in to your Nintendo Account linked to your Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo eShop before you can redeem your Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Claim your free Nintendo Switch Online membership from Twitch Prime right here!

So are you a Twitch Prime member? Let us know in the comments below if you plan on taking advantage of this crazy good offer!

Source: Twitch Prime