Marvel’s Spider-Man Receives New 1.15 Update, Fixes Minor Bugs and Glitches; Full Patch Notes Detailed

Insomniac Games have released the latest update patch notes for their critically acclaimed title, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Update 1.15 comes in relatively small with a download size of 300 MB. The update is now live to download on PS4, and if you were encountering some bugs or glitches lately, this new patch might be the one that fixes those issues.

Mostly the patch is aimed for bugs and slight updates, so don’t expect anything too crazy, but it is nice to see the developers still caring for the game, long after the last DLC – Silver Linings, released.

Check out the full set of patch notes for the latest Marvel Spider-Man update down below:

Fixes & Updates

  • Addressed an issue where players could escape the world by crawling back under in the mission “Getting Deep.”
  • Addressed an issue where enemies could fall off the Colexco building and not die preventing progress in the mission “Trust Issues.”
  • Addressed an issue where fast traveling would prevent players from being able to collect all of Hardy’s stolen art.
  • Address an issue where art from the Silver Linings story pack could appear in the main story.
  • Addressed an issue where SUVs would not have a collision once stopped.
  • Address an issue where Spider-Man would stutter and take damage from attempting to stop an SUV.
  • Address various additional issues.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available to play exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

Source: Gear Nuke