Review Roundup: Dead or Alive 6 Seems to Be Fun Enough for Those Who Are Craving a Fighting Title


Developer Team Ninja and publisher Koei Tecmo have released their latest fighting title, Dead or Alive 6.

The long-awaited arrival of the game is over and fans can finally get their hands on the game starting today. However, how is the game doing in the review department you ask? Well, for the most part, it seems likes it doing pretty good.

Most critic reviews are stating that the game is filled with fun gameplay, both online and offline, but DoA6 brings nothing truly new to the table, and that’s where most critics fall off for the game.

Down below are some of the most respectable gaming sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on Anthem down below:

Dead or Alive 6 makes a strong case for the franchise’s fundamental combat by making it easier to understand what sets it apart from other fighters, other than its infamous “jiggle physics.” The story campaign is disjointed but it and the other training modes serve as effective instruction for getting new players up to speed for online combat quickly, and the new Break Hold and Break Blow moves give you a way out even when you seem locked into an endless juggle of doom. [Provisional score = 80]
DoA6 is a fun, engaging fighter with great-feeling, easy-to-pick-up combat, a strong sense of visual style, and a lot of personality. If you’re looking for a new fighting game to learn the ins and outs of–or perhaps a nice entry into the 3D side of fighting games–DoA6 is a fighter of choice. [Provisional score = 70]
We’ve played a considerable amount of time with the game offline, and my main impression right now is that Dead or Alive’s fighting is still fun, but there’s not lot of exciting changes or additions, and the single-player content is mediocre. Although I’ve been liking the mission mode and tutorials, if you’re looking for a game with an entertaining or meaty story mode, Dead or Alive 6’s is neither.
Dead or Alive 6 is the most enjoyable and accessible title in the fighting series yet, though its story and online modes leave a bit to be desired.
A robust combat system, plentiful characters and a meaningful progression system combine to create a worthwhile fighter that I’d recommend checking out. It certainly isn’t the finest the genre has to offer, but it does more than enough to stand out.
It’s deja vu all over again.

Dead or Alive 6 is now available to play for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. are you planning on picking up the new fighting title? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Metacritic