Review Roundup: Far Cry New Dawn Falls Short of it Full Potential

Ubisoft’s latest Far Cry title, New Dawn, is set to release tomorrow for the PS4, Xbox One and PC; so, what are critics saying about the upcoming title? Let’s find out!
Similar to Far Cry Primal and Blood Dragon, New Dawn seems to take the role of a funny/gameplay heavy Far Cry title rather than emphasize and push their previous title’s further. The game is currently sitting at a 73 rating on Metacritic with 48 critic reviews.
New Dawn seems to have admirable ambitious, but it looks like it falls short of its full potential. Check out some review highlights for the highly anticipated title from some reputable video game sites down below:
As someone who loves the Far Cry formula and will take my fix wherever I can get it, revisiting Far Cry 5’s slightly reworked open-world map in New Dawn proves there’s still quite a bit of joy to be found in clearing outposts and generating as much chaos as possible, in single-player or co-op. I could’ve done without the silly story and disappointing final boss, but Expeditions are a thrilling new mode, and the story missions are exciting more often than not. New Dawn is an enjoyable diversion while we wait for Far Cry’s next big thing.
The core formula of this series holds up, but New Dawn struggles to make worthwhile contributions to it. Beyond the expedition missions, little about New Dawn actually feels new, and the only interesting narrative threads are the tie-ins to Far Cry 5. When all the best parts of a new game are the old parts, it’s hard to be excited about what comes next.
Far Cry New Dawn is definitely another Far Cry game, though the changes it makes to keep everything feeling fresh are intriguing. a very light RPG touch makes much of the typically repetitive content feel new with a difficulty curve that will challenge how people play. While it can be played independently, Far Cry 5 and New Dawn together create an interesting story package featuring some great twists, turns, and betrayals of the player (even if those pesky convenient macguffins keep coming into play).
Far Cry New Dawn reskins the entire map of Far Cry 5, adding enough new mechanics to prevent it from feeling like a retread. While the new villains are lackluster, the return of Joseph Seed is very welcome, giving new depth to the character and his world. With Outpost invasions, Expeditions, and treasure hunts, there is a ton of content here, and almost all of it is fun. There is very little filler in Far Cry New Dawn, and by streamlining the content, Ubisoft delivers a game that is razor sharp.
Far Cry New Dawn is a standalone sequel to Far Cry 5, but it adds nothing of meaning or value to the original story. If you just want more Far Cry, this is worth checking out. Otherwise, you’re not really missing much here.

Far Cry New Dawn is set to release for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow, February 15. Are you planning on picking up this title for the weekend? Let us know in the comments below!