Nintendo Believes There’s Still A Demand For The 3DS

The Nintendo line of handheld systems has been popular for ages though, since 2011, the company has really thrived on the Nintendo 3DS. This system has not only been an icon for Nintendo but delivered countless portable video game titles for players to enjoy. Now that the latest console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, has been out for a while now, it would seem that most are waiting for the official word on when Nintendo is killing off the 3DS. That announcement may take some time as a recent financial briefing revealed that Nintendo still sees the 3DS as a piece of hardware still in demand.

It may be a bit surprising for some gamers to hear Nintendo regard the 3DS as a console still in demand today. There are very few video game announcements for the handheld device and even fewer reports regarding the system in general online. Despite this, Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, has stated that the Nintendo 3DS is still in demand during a recent financial briefing. According to Shuntaro Furukawa, the portable device is still a system that consumers will purchase due to the portability along with how lightweight the device is.

Furthermore, it seems that Nintendo’s 3DS is still being purchased for small children who wish to enjoy video game titles. Despite this statement, we’ve heard plenty of rumors as of late that Nintendo is attempting to bring out a new console edition for the Nintendo Switch that would be smaller and portable only. This device is also believed to be more durable when compared to the original Nintendo Switch for young players, but again these are purely rumors at the current moment.

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[Source: Nintendo Life]