GameStop Calls It Quits On Selling Company

GameStop has been in trouble when it came to turning a profit. The once video game giant which sold the latest titles to gamers all over has now started to struggle to become a stable retail chain. It wasn’t very long ago that the company has stated news of their journey to sell the company but now it looks like GameStop is throwing in the towel. Offers are no longer being accepted as the company is looking to once again thrive on their own despite previously seeking in the form of purchasing the entire company.

Without going into too many details of the history of GameStop, the company has been having some trouble. There were attempts to broaden their retail offers which have since been mostly reversed with the main focus being video games and collectibles. Likewise, we have seen a few changes to the CEO and executives making calls behind the scenes and it has all lead to the company once again attempting to become a major name for consumers to pick up the latest video game titles or pre-owned discounted releases.

News came out earlier today, according to a report by Games Industry, that GameStop is no longer pursuing the sale of the company. As a result of all this it looks as if the shares for the company is starting to dwindle down but that could fluctuate due to the sudden announcement. We’re not sure how long the company will go before it attempts to once again try and sale the GameStop name or if this could be the start of the end. Regardless, with all that said, do you think GameStop still has a place in today’s market or is their hope to survive off of video games and collectibles a lost cause?

[Source: Games Industry]