Nintendo Airs Nindies January 2019 Showcase, 3 Surprise Releases Now Available on eShop


Earlier today, Nintendo aired their Nindies Showcase for the month of January 2019, and to be honest, the showing had a ton of great games and some surprises as well.

The video is now available to watch, check down below, and it runs about 20 minutes long. There are a handful of games that really catch the viewers attention, and to spice things up, Nintendo surprised released 3 titles today from the showcase.

Check out the full Nindies Showcase from January 2019 down below:

The three surprise titles are When Skies Go Wrong — a physics-based game where the player must rebuild the road ahead, Goat Simulator: The GOATY — where the player can fulfill his or her dream of becoming a Goat, and Unruly Heroes — where players are introduced to four distinct heroes, all with their own unique set of powers. All three of those titles are available right now through the eShop.

Nintendo has been super accommodating for the indie developers when it comes to their hybrid console, the Switch. What’s your favorite indie game for the console? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube