Layer of Fear 2 “Time Waits for No One” Trailer Debuts Game’s Setting and More; Famed Horror Icon Tony Todd Narrates

Developer Bloober Team and Gun Media has released the first official trailer showcasing their upcoming horror sequel title, Layers of Fear 2.

The new trailer is narrated by famed horror icon Tony Todd (Candyman) and displays a general setting for the game. Fans of the series should be happy that the game is looking pretty good both graphically and horror-wise.

According to Bloober Team via Den of Geek, Layers of Fear 2 story will center around an actor preparing for his upcoming role. However, similar to the original title, the actor becomes under stress and starts to question his sanity. Blurred lines between what’s real and not take form and our horror title is thus created.

Check out the new Layers of Fear 2 trailer down below:

Late last year, Bloober Team announced the titular sequel and that the team would be working in collaboration with Gun Media — formerly known for their work on Friday the 13th: The Game. The announcement caught fans off guard and completely blew them away. With the first official trailer of the game released, fans now have a sense of what’s to come later this year!

Layers of Fear is set to release sometime in 2019, however, there is no specific date as of now. Who’s excited about the upcoming horror sequel? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: YouTube