Limited Run Games Reveals Jak And Daxter 2 Collector’s Edition

Naughty Dog is a well-known development studio as it brought out a number of classics exclusively for the PlayStation line of platforms. Everything from Crash Bandicoot to the upcoming anticipated sequel of The Last of Us was brought out by this studio. Back during the PlayStation 2 generation, there was another video game franchise that Naughty Dog brought out called Jak and Daxter. For those of you who enjoyed the series may be interested in an upcoming limited collector’s edition coming out from Limited Run Games.

We’ve covered Limited Run Games in the past and it’s quite a popular company. The folks over at Limited Run Games are responsible for putting together collector edition copies of both digital-only releases to past generation favorites on current platforms. However, as the name suggests, these games are limited which means after they are don’t manufacturing the game it’s officially off the shelves for good. As a result, the video game announcements and releases are given out in advanced and only available to purchase at select times of the day.

In the past, Limited Run Games have crafted up a collector’s edition for Jak and Daxter. Today, we’re learning that the company is bringing out a sequel, Jak and Daxter 2. There will only be 3,500 copies available though another 7,500 copies of a standard edition will be available for those who just want a copy of the game for PlayStation 4. This collector’s edition will include the game, a decorative box, along with a soundtrack.

For those interested in the game you’ll have to head over to the official Limited Run Games website and prepare to purchase the unit which will run you $84.99. The game will go up for those to purchase on January 25, 2019, at 10 AM EST and later that evening at 6 PM EST.

[Source: Limited Run Games; PlayStation LifeStyle]