Ubisoft Releases Two New Trailers for The Division 2, Showcases Dark Zones and PVP

Ubisoft has released yet again more information about their shooter-looter title, The Division 2.

Unlike the previous trailers and announcements of the game, today the trailers are centered around the multiplayer portion of things. We got an inside look at the games updates Dark Zones, and how the PVP changed since the first title.

Both trailers give a great in-depth look into the game, and it sort of makes the wait for the game’s release a little harder. Make sure to check out the two new trailers for The Division 2 down below:

Get new details on multiplayer action in The Division 2. Learn about the new rules for the lawless Dark Zones, find out how braving the hybrid PvE/PvP areas will be more lucrative than ever, and see what happens when you decided to become the baddest of the bad and go Manhunt Rogue. Then watch highlights from organized PvP matches, featuring team-based skirmishes for loot and glory.

Ubisoft seems to be in high gear when it comes to The Division 2. We learned a lot of about the game in the past couple of weeks and it seems that they are planning on releasing even more footage of the game before its official release. If you missed out, the publisher recently released the story trailer for the game, giving fans of the series a little insight into what they should expect. Check it out here!

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is set to release on March 22 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Are you excited to jump back into this post-apocalyptic world? Let us know in the comments below!

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