Bandai Namco Announces New Dragonball RPG, New Fighterz Character From Universe 11 Teased


Bandai Namco has announced today on Twitter that they are currently working on a new Dragonball RPG; and that a new character will be making their way to Dragonball Fighterz from Universe 11.

The news is sort of shocking as we expected this to drop at the Dragonball Super Showcase, however, it seems that they wanted to wait and catch everyone by surprise. And they did.

The new announcement sparks excitement in the community as not only is there an upcoming DLC character set for the critically acclaimed and wildly popular Fighterz title, but we also have confirmation that the publisher is working on an RPG title set in the Dragonball universe.

Check out the official tweet down below:

Bandai has dropped the news bomb today, both with the new RPG title, and the upcoming unknown warrior from Universe 11. Both are super exciting, we will probably hear about the upcoming DLC character for Dragonball Fighterz at the World Tour Finals for the game which is later this month.

Project Z, on the other hand, could stay quiet for a while, presumably we’ll hear from it again at E3 2019; however, these are just educated guesses, and should not be taken as hard evidence.

With Project Z announced and a new character from Universe 11 inbound, what are you most excited for Bandai to do with the Dragonball franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Twitter