Uncharted Developer Excited Over New Movie Director Announcement

We recently reported that Sony announced the new director behind the upcoming Uncharted fan film. This video game movie adaptation was at one time being directed under Shawn Levy but he recently stepped away from the production due to scheduling conflicts. This left Sony without a director to a movie that has been rumored about for years now. While it looked like things may not have been going in the right direction after Shawn Levy stepped away from the film, Sony was quick to bring in a new director.

The current director behind Uncharted, the live-action movie adaptation of Naughty Dog’s popular IP is Dan Trachtenberg. This director recently had his big debut with 10 Cloverfield Land but before that film hit theaters, you may have seen another piece of work by the director. In the past, Dan crafted up a fan film based around Valve’s Portal video game franchise which gained a huge following. Now it looks like Dan will be able to play around with a larger budget and deliver another video game themed movie for a franchise that is easily a system seller for Sony.

We know that there are plenty of video game based movies that release into the market which ends up flopping. However, Naughty Dog crafted up Uncharted to be a more cinematic experience and it’s grown a huge following with up to four main installments available across the PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4 console platforms. Since the announcement of the latest director change up, Naughty Dog’s vice president, Neil Druckmann, has tweeted out his excitement over Dan and that he couldn’t wait to see what he does with Nathan Drake.

We’re still unsure of just when the production for this movie will begin. We know that Tom Holland is set to take the role as a younger Nathan Drake but he is preparing for the big press junket for the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home movie. At any rate, the fact that Sony was quick to bring on a new director may show that production may be sooner rather than later.

[Source: Twitter; Gamerant]