EA Kills Off The Upcoming Open World Star Wars Game

There seems to be some trouble as of late when it comes to getting Star Wars video games out into the market. Outside of Star Wars: Battlefront, EA has been working on a number of Star Wars video game projects. That number has started to dwindle down and today we’re learning that one more upcoming Star Wars video games have since been cancelled with sources who knew about the project revealing just why EA brought down the game project.

It wasn’t very long ago that the Visceral studio was still in business and had a Star Wars video game project in the works. This was a title being headed up by Amy Hennig, who was previously known for as the director behind Uncharted at Naughty Dog. Not too much was known about the project but it was set to be a more linear video game experience. However, EA had the studio shut down and rebooted the project completely to make it an open world style video game. The game exchanged hands from Visceral to EA Vancouver where the studio had used some of the assets from the Visceral video game but now it looks like the game has been cancelled.

Reported by Kotaku, EA had killed the Star Wars title due to EA requiring a title to be pushed out earlier then what the Star Wars game projected. Sources to Kotaku also claimed that none of the staff were laid off due to the game being cancelled and that some staff is actually hoping EA will come back to the project after their current projects are pushed out into the market.

Again, we don’t know too much about the game but it’s rumored to have been based around a bounty hunter who would be able to travel between different planets and work with various factions. For now, it seems that Jedi: Fallen Order, a Star Wars video game being developed under Respawn, is still very much in the works though no footage and images have been shared to the public yet.

[Source: Kotaku]