EA Releases New Trailer For Battlefield V Tides of War, Details Limited-Time Mode Squad Conquest


EA has announced and detailed today the latest content that is set to release for their WW2 online-multiplayer shooter title, Battlefield V.

The latest content comes in pretty hot by announcing and releasing the latest trailer for the Tides of War portion of the game. Chapter 2: Lightning Strike has been detailed and thanks to the new trailer, fans can get a glimpse of what they can expect when the update launches later this week.

Check out the new trailer down below:

The new trailer does a good job showcasing what is set to come to Battlefield V later this week, so make sure you checked it out before heading out.

Now if you wanted to learn more about the new limited time mode – Squad Conquest, EA has detailed the mode in both a quick bullet form fashion and in a more detailed version, both giving the reader a detailed look into what the game mode is all about.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re in a hurry:

  • New multiplayer mode played under Conquest ruleset.
  • Features two squads of eight versus two squads of eight.
  • Fight to control three Flags.
  • Playable on condensed versions of the ArrasRotterdam, and Hamada maps.
  • Available only during January 17–30, for now.

If you have more patience and want to learn about the new game mode in full, make sure to check out the detailed description of the game mode from EA down below:

How to Play Squad Conquest

Two opposing teams of eight compete to capture and hold every flag in this strategic version of Conquest, until they exhaust the enemy team of their Respawn Tickets. You and your squad must fight point-to-point in this 16-player Conquest mode, working to gain control of three key locations across three faster-paced multiplayer maps.

This new mode reconfigures the battlefield to encourage a more tactical playstyle, allowing for a single player to have a larger impact on the match. These strategic maps contain more defined lanes of battle and smaller combat areas, which means that it’s more important than ever to predict where the enemies are coming from, what needs to be defended, and how to subvert enemy movement.

Squad Conquest is set up on versions of Arras, Rotterdam, and Hamada. Each map is different, but all feature two teams total, three flags to fight over, spawns on team flags , and very limited access to vehicles.

Battlefield V is now available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Chapter 2: Lightingnig Strike is set to release later this week on January 17th. are you excited for the latest chapter for the Tides of War mode? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: EA