Activision Hands Over Destiny Rights To Bungie

When it came to Bungie leaving Halo behind and started up their next big IP, it came with the Activision publisher. There was plenty of fans interested in the Destiny franchise, but it’s unknown just how much of the game would have been altered if Bungie remained independent. However, that Independence is coming shortly Activision and Bungie officially announced that Bungie will be publishing the Destiny franchise going forward. This news came directly from the official Bungie website which states that this hand off is already in the early stages.

Bungie will soon have complete control of the Destiny IP and it’s received plenty of hype from the fan base who already enjoy Destiny. We’re not sure why exactly Activision is deciding to back off from the IP but according to the blog post, Activision will be putting more focus on their owned IP projects. This doesn’t mean that we can write off Destiny 2 as there are already seasonal experiences coming out from Bungie in the coming months with even more announcements slated to release in the near future.

Online the community is wondering if Bungie will start something fresh to gain more potential players into the mix. After all, it would be difficult to cram in all the lore and backstory of the two video game installments if they opt to expand further into a third installment with hopes of new players jumping onto the franchise. For now, Bungie seems to have plenty of ideas and now that they have complete control, it will be interesting to see just how well the franchise handles going forward. Either way, the transition will be seamless so for those who are going through the game right now, you won’t see any changes or delays to content planned already.

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[Source: Bungie]