Catherine: Full Body Will Be A PlayStation 4 Exclusive

Catherine is an iconic puzzle title as it first entered the marketplace for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It, unfortunately, didn’t enter the latest generation consoles or PC platforms until just recently as Catherine: Full Body was announced. This puzzle title from Atlus is getting a revamped edition on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, that’s of course if you’re living within Japan as we’re now finding out that the game will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive outside of Japanese market.

Catherine: Full Body offers more content such as a brand new character which gives an incentive for players to pick the game up even if they already enjoyed it when the title first launched. Likewise, gamers who’ve never given the Atlus title a chance can pick the game up when it launches later this year. It’s not all that surprising to see the game launch exclusively on the PlayStation 4 as the PlayStation Vita is not doing as well outside Japan and was discontinued this year which Sega could see as a waste to bring the title over to the platform.

What is surprising is the fact that the game will not be coming to the PC platform. Instead, Sega has released the original title on PC which you can enjoy right now but you won’t get the upcoming enhanced version of the game with the bonus content. As it stands right now, Catherine: Full Body will be launching at some point this year for the PlayStation 4 platform, while Catherine: Classic is available on the PC today.


[Source: PlayStation LifeStyle]