Warned Collectors Now Offering New Rare Physical Game Releases

There are still plenty of gamers out there that prefer to purchase their collection of video games physically. While digital sales can definitely save on space, there is something about owning a library of video game titles that will be ready to play right away, but as more indie titles launch into the market, there are fewer physical releases to go around. Now a new service has started up which will bring some of these digital-only releases out physically in limited runs.

We’re sure you heard of Limited Run Games, a company that crafts up collector style editions of digital-only titles. They’ve become quite big over the years and they offer the same style of service. Working with the various IP owners, the team is able to bring out physical releases into the market, but much like the name of the company, these releases are limited which means first come first serve. Now it appears that Limited Run Games may have some competition as another company has started to gain traction called Warned Collectors.

Warned Collectors is a French publisher that will put out limited runs of video games making them quite rare. Essentially, these games will be bigger indie titles like Limited Run Games, but for now, there are only three titles being pushed out first. The games include Boiling Bolt, Dungeon Rushers, and Pankapu. Platforms for the three titles range from PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. We’re curious as to how big Warned Collectors will be with the already established company, Limited Run Games, consistently releasing new titles.

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