Quantic Dream Has Big News Coming Soon

You’ve likely heard of Quantic Dream, a video game development studio that really got its big hits during the PlayStation 3 with the release of Heavy Rain. Since then the developers have brought out titles such as Beyond: Two Souls and most recently, Detroit: Become Human. All of these games are cinematic in nature giving players a more movie-like experience with players having to navigate through QTE’s and of course a series of difficult moral choices. These choices often steer the narrative into several different endings which gave players an incentive to replay the game.

Now that their latest title, Detroit: Become Human has released, we are waiting for just what the development team has in store for us next. It looks like we won’t be waiting too much longer as a new Tweet was posted from the developer account stating that big news is coming soon. What we don’t know is just what the developers have planned. There is already speculation online that suggests Quantic Dream may be working on DLC which will help extend Detroit: Become Human or even give some more backstory to different characters, but that would a first for the studio.

However, with that said, the development team has mentioned DLC in the past for the video game title, but what may be announced is brand new video game announcement to tease their fan base in 2019. Likewise, we have recently witnessed Quantic Dream revamp their collection compilation for the PlayStation 4 which now includes Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human for just $39.99. This is a great deal for anyone who has not experienced these games already. For now, we’ll simply have to wait and see just what the development studio has planned to reveal in likely the coming month.

[Source: Quantic Dream; PlayStation LifeStyle]