Internet Speculation Over Next Uncharted Game Runs Rampant

[Note: Uncharted spoilers ahead.]

There are no shortages of cinematic and thrilling video game titles over at Sony. This current generation we have seen incredible titles release such as Spider-Man and of course God of War. Likewise, there are all sorts of great games slated to release on the PlayStation 4 that will give you a blockbuster cinematic feel like the upcoming sequel to The Last of Us. However, one franchise in particular that easily sold units in the past were Uncharted and a new installment may be in the works after a new job posting was spotted.

This is purely speculation right now so don’t get too excited. In a recent Sony job posting, it appears that there is a position that needs to be filled which is aimed at delivering another chapter of a cinematic story. We don’t know just what that chapter is based on yet as it very well could be for anything but online the brunt of the speculation is another Uncharted release. If you played through the last main installment of the series, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, then you know that Nathan Drake seemingly put an end to his career of finding ancient relics and living life on the edge.

Instead at the end, Nathan had settled down and even had a kid who stumbles upon Nathan’s past life. Could this be her story following the footsteps of her father? Again, we’re speculating here but the thought of a new Uncharted installment definitely is creating quite the buzz online and we’re sure it would be a welcomed announcement. Unfortunately, we don’t know when that announcement may be made as Sony has already confirmed that they are pulling out from E3 this upcoming year.

Now Sony has the advantage of really making an announcement whenever and creating their own themed events for fans to enjoy. Currently, nothing has been set up or announced for Sony to make some big announcements but as we bring in the New Year, we expect some new events from Sony.

[Source: Greenhouse]