Awesome Anime Inspired Opening Credits Created for Marvel’s Spider-Man


If you have watched any anime in the past you would know that the opening credits is kind of a big deal. The epic song clashed with some set pieces of the characters we love from the show are present, and usually, fans will not skip the intro.

YouTube channel Ranni, recently created an awesome anime opening for Insomniac Games’ latest title, Marvel’s Spider-Man. The intro is epic on all levels, and if you’re an anime fan, you’ll get a kick out of it. From the very beginning to the very end, Ranni manages to capture the true essence of an anime opening by using a mix of cutscenes from the game, trailer footage, and actual gameplay and blends them into a seamless and believable intro.

Beware though, there are plenty of spoilers in the video.

Check out the anime opening for Spider-Man PS4 down below:

In recent Spider-Man news, the epic finale of the post-launch content is finally coming to a head and Spider-Man is getting hit from all angles — Black Cat, Hammerhead, and now the return of Silver Sable.

This is presumably the last piece of story content we will receive for Marvel’s Spider-Man until the heavily suggested expected sequel in the next couple of years. Check out the latest Marvel’s Spider-Man “Just the Facts” trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man is now available for PS4.

Source: YouTube