GTA 5 to Include Nudity

The Grand Theft Auto series has been controversial, to say the least. When you have the ability take out hookers you just paid for, run over cops with your vehicle of choice, and shoot anyone walking across the street, people are going to take offensive. Even if the games in the franchise have been controversial, they’ve also sold more than just about anything else on the market. That means that things won’t be changing too much when Grand Theft Auto 5 rolls around later this year, and as we all expected, the game has received a mature rating by the hawk-eyed ESRB.

An image of the rating has just been released, listing exactly why the game will only be suitable for mature audiences. Blood and gore, intense violence, and a bunch of bad things you anticipate from the series can be seen, but one that you might not expect is “nudity.” As we all remember, the “Hot Coffee” scene from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas caused quite a stir when it was discovered years and years ago, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see anything that sexually explicit this time around. Still, seeing that the developer is willing to once again include nudity could lead to at least a few uninformed accusations against the upcoming release.

The mature nature of Grand Theft Auto hasn’t stopped it from selling big with each new release. GTA 4 was a massive success back in 2008, and according to the numbers by Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia, GTA 5 will do substantially better than the last game.