Konami Silent Hills PT Patch Was A Hoax

The Silent Hill franchise has fallen stale over the years but its latest video game announcement really had gamers hyped. Konami announced Silent Hills with Hideo Kojima leading the production for it to only be killed off. After Hideo Kojima and Konami split, the Silent Hills video game was officially cancelled leaving players with just a demo known as P.T.

The P.T. video game was a surprise announcement on the PlayStation Store where PlayStation 4 gamers could download the game and play through the cryptic narrative journey solving puzzles. It was only once the game demo was completed the gamers was revealed to be an announcement of Silent Hills, an upcoming installment to the Silent Hill franchise.

It was announced online through the Silent Hill subreddit that P.T. was receiving a patch unexpectedly that would actually prevent P.T. from launching. P.T. is no longer available for gamers to download from the PlayStation Store which means that the only means to enjoy the game is if you had already downloaded it when the game demo was first available. As a result, players who have the game demo are generally protective over the download so when news came out that a patch was released to further prevent gamers from enjoying P.T. there was an outrage.

Apparently, this was all a hoaxed as no patch was ever sent out by Konami. Relyon Horror reached out to Konami where a representative stated that this patch was false and that gamers who already downloaded P.T. can still enjoy the game.

[Source: Relyon Horror]