Elder Scrolls Online Interactive Map Revealed

Fans have a number of burning questions about The Elder Scrolls Online, which will see an early 2014 release if all goes according to plan. Among these questions are how the business model will work and simply whether or not the game will succeed. The majority says that it will, but MMORPG development is risky business.

Bethesda Softworks and Zenimax Online studios have been somewhat cryptic regarding the massive Elder Scrolls Online. While they've been keen to answer questions regarding the franchise, clear answers and media pertinent to the game have been extremely thin.

An interactive map detailing the different territories, races and alliances has reared its head recently. Though there are some discrepancies according to fans, a lot of work has obviously been put into the making of this map. Regardless of whether or not the map shows the boundaries of each province accurately, it is still one of the first pieces of media we can use to start piecing the puzzle of TESO together, much like fans did with Grand Theft Auto 5.

As the game's release date grows closer, answers should arise from the veritable fog that is Bethesda's PR department. They've done a fine job of keeping the game's secrets under wraps, but we're hoping that something more than the occasional leaked beta footage comes out of the woodwork sometime soon.