GTA 5 Looks a Lot like Max Payne 3

Grand Theft Auto 5 releases later this year, on September 17. The game itself has been the subject of many a fan discussion and just as much speculation comes from the gaming industry. Even though the title is so near to our doorstep, information regarding the game is still scarce, especially if you're looking for real gameplay. Though Rockstar Games has detailed the game's story and its characters to some extent, we're still left to ponder why the esteemed developer has been so tight-lipped concerning – what many believe – is their biggest project to date.

Some answers to the questions brought on by this silence might be starting to make their way out of the PR fog. A video published recently by Youtuber datarace1 compares what small blips of gameplay we have of GTA 5 to Rockstar's Max Payne 3. The results are actually quite interesting, as the "new" GTA 5 gameplay and its animations bear a hugely similar resemblance to Max Payne 3. While the same engine is probably being used to some extent, the recycling of older animations to fit a new game here seems extremely blatant. This is a commonality in game development and shouldn't be looked down upon as shoddy by any means, but it does raise some questions.

Take a look:

The biggest of these inquiries asks whether or not Rockstar was ready for the announcement of next-generation consoles. Being the developer that they are, the safe bet is on that they were well aware of these announcements long before any of us were. All that said, they've said that they won't be releasing these games on next-generation consoles, and this video only reinforces the idea that they were rushed into pushing GTA 5 out before those consoles released in order to maximize sales. We'll probably never get a clear answer to this and it's simply speculation, but it will certainly be interesting to see where the next few months take us.