Sony Adds PlayStation Now Download Options For PS4 & PS2 Games

Sony has revealed a new big feature being added to the PlayStation Now service today. It appears that Sony will allow gamers the ability to download select video games to play offline on the PlayStation Now service. This means that gamers will no longer have to go through a game via streaming which can prove problematic for some gamers. However, it doesn’t look like every game will be available for download within the service.

Announced through an official PlayStation Blog post, Sony’s Senior Marketing Manager of PlayStation Now, Brian Dunn, released a post that details the new download feature. This feature will allow players to download PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 2 video games. It’s noted that almost all of the PlayStation 4 video games within the service will be available for download along with the PS Now lineup of classic PlayStation 2 games remastered for the PlayStation 4.

These games will also support purchased DLC, microtransactions, and add-ons. However, gamers will need to connect to the internet every few days to unlock the games which don’t come to much of a surprise.

For those unaware of PlayStation Now, this is a Sony service that allows gamers to stream and now download select video games for a monthly subscription price. In fact, to get more gamers into the service, newcomers can get a full year of PlayStation Now for $100. Likewise, you don’t need PlayStation Plus in order to enjoy this service or access online multiplayer features of the video game.

[Source: PlayStation]