Alan Wake Television Series Currently In The Works

Alan Wake is a popular video game IP by development studio Remedy Entertainment that released in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and later came into the PC platform scene in 2012. The video game was a hit as an action-adventure title where players took the role of a man named Alan Wake who had to fight off supernatural forces. While the game grew a cult following, it has yet to receive a sequel.

In the past, Remedy Entertainment has spoken of their interesting in going back to make a sequel to the title but until Microsoft gave the green light to begin production, there is nothing that Remedy Entertainment could do. That may soon change as there’s a new medium of entertainment taking on Alan Wake. Apparently, an Alan Wake television show is in the works with Contradiction Films.

Now the show is being written up but doesn’t have a network attached yet as Contradiction Films is pitching the series in October. There is also apparently a few networks interested but no names have been released quite yet. While this is not a sequel to the game, it does appear that Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake will be an executive producer.

We’re also not given too many details as to the narrative story but it looks like it won’t follow the video game storyline directly. Regardless, we will have to wait and see if this show gets picked up. If this proves to be a success, it could lead to Microsoft going on with a sequel for Alan Wake which is something we’re sure fans of the original title will be ecstatic for.

[Source: Variety]