Kamiya tweets Wonderful 101 won’t need DLC

In answering a question on Twitter, outspoken developer Hideki Kamiya has said that Platinum Games has put everything they could possibly think of into Wonderful 101, so that the game should no longer need any DLC. Kamiya has been tweeting about the game increasingly in the past few weeks as its upcoming release nears.

Originally set to release in the Wii U's launch window, a period which ended last March, Wonderful 101 is an exciting new family friendly action adventure game designed around the Wii U's GamePad. The player gets to recruit and control a team of superheroes, led by several main characters such as Wonder-Red, Wonder-Blue, Wonder-Green and Wonder-Pink. By sketching into the GamePad, you can enable each hero's special ability. Known as Unite Morphs, these abilities will require the help of other recruited heroes to take new forms. Some examples of Unite Morphs include turning into a fist, a whip, or a gun (with some heroes acting as bullets!)

As mentioned above, the game was one among many that was originally launched in the Wii U's launch window, but perpetually got its release date moved back. Neither Nintendo nor Platinum Games have elaborated on the reasons for the delay of this game in particular. However, Iwata acknowledged in their last investor relations Q&A that Nintendo has found that development time for games has doubled on the Wii U, and that they themselves needed time to adjust accordingly. 

Kamiya's statements imply that the long wait may be worth it, as they've spent the time adding enough content to make a twenty hour game

Do you want to see DLC for this game, or are you happy with the idea that it's a complete package? Feel free to sound off in the comments.