Sony Unveils PlayStation Plus Video Games For August 2018

Much like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, Sony is still running strong with their PlayStation Plus service. This is a monthly subscription service that allows gamers a slew of new video games to play each and every month. If you’re a subscriber then you may want to take note of the new video game lineup for August 2018. We’re going to showcase just what new video game titles have been added for PlayStation Plus this month.

PlayStation Plus is a subscription that offers not only free video game titles play on your PlayStation 4 but also offers a slew of other deals. For instance, with PlayStation Plus gamers will have access to online multiplayer and exclusive discounts.

Each month Sony adds new video game titles for players to download and enjoy, just as long as they keep up with their subscription fee.

Here are the video games included on PlayStation Plus for August 2018.

PlayStation 4
  • Mafia III
  • Dead by Daylight
PlayStation 3
  • Bound by Flame
  • Serious Sam 3 BFE
PlayStation Vita
  • Draw Slasher
  • Space Hulk
PlayStation VR
  • Here They Lie

As mentioned, PlayStation Plus is a subscription fee that can be enjoyed completely for free through the initial 14-day trial. However, afterward, players will have to keep up with the subscription fee in order to keep the video games they downloaded through the service.

Currently, a year subscription will run players $59.99 though there is also a three month $24.99 fee and lastly a $9.99 fee if players wish to purchase the service through a month by month basis.


[Source: PlayStation]