FIFA 19 Will Not Feature The Controversial VAR

Love it or hate – the VAR was subject of massive contention during this year’s world cup. While other sports such as cricket and rugby have already been making use of the Virtual Assistant Referee system – Football has been late to adopt, and rightly so, the decision the VAR help make don’t go down as easily as it would in the aforementioned sports.

Some of you may have already been wondering if the system would make it’s the way to FIFA 19, and some of you may already know the answer. Since FIFA 19 is a video game, logically there is no need for the VAR as the game’s code already knows where the ball is going to land. As result, there is no space for human error when it comes to the game’s logic.

Speaking to Eurogamer creative director Matt Prior spoke about the omission.

“We technically have VAR in the game because we know the pinpoint location of everything,” he said.

Prior adds that if the VAR ends up becoming more common in the professional sphere, there may be a wider scope for the mechanic to be added into the game.

“It’s definitely something we’ll monitor. If it becomes part of the footballing fabric to the point where it feels weird that it isn’t in a regular game, even if we don’t need it, then it’s something we can look at introducing.”

FIFA 19 launches on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 28.