Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Free Demo Is Out Now

Looking to try out Warner Bro’s third-person action title, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War?  The developers have released a free demo so gamers can test out the title on their platform.

Surprisingly, there is actually quite a bit of content that the free demo offers. All missions in the Núrn region are available to play with the ability to create an army of Orcs to do your bidding. What’s more, there is also a stronghold that you’ll be able to assault and an overlord for you to assassinate.

I guess the content is indicative of the size – you’ll need 50GB of free storage if you want to play it. If you complete it, then your save will transfer over to the full game should you purchase it. Coinciding with the release is a sale on the game, which has dropped the price down by 66 percent (the Gold Edition is also discounted by 66 percent).

Play the Demo for Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™! Experience your first taste of the award-winning Nemesis System. Face down the dreaded overlord and conquer their fortress. Work your way through his forces, dominating his captains and build your own army. After completing the Demo, transfer your Overlord into Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ where they can aid you in the fight against Sauron. Explore the region of Nûrn and take the leap into the land of Mordor.