Band Up And Create Alliances With The Upcoming Sea of Thieves Update

Rare has been hard at work pushing out great content to make world of Sea of Thieves a little bit richer. While there will be lots to do and see in the upcoming Cursed Sails expansion, one interesting feature which I think will be quite the game changers is the ability to ability to band up and create alliances with fellow seafarers.

Essentially crews that have friendly intentions will be able to fly a pennant as a signal – essentially working as an invite system. From there other players will be able to accept or reject the offer.

Coinciding with the expansion will be a 3-week long story campaign which will last 3 weeks. The premise of the campaign is that “skeleton ships terrorize outposts and challenge pirates to do battle on the seas”, as you would expect, your crew’s job is “to investigate the source of the skeleton scourge”.

The next expansion to come to Sea of Thieves is called Forbidden Shores. This is set to draw away from the fun cartoony style the game opting for a more serious, apocalyptic setting.

Excited to get your hands on Cursed Sales? Let us know in the comments down below. Sea of Thieves is out now for PC and Xbox One.

Sea of Thieves is out now for PC and Xbox One.