Dream Casted as a Portable Gaming Device

sega dreamcast portable

A modder who calls himself “Bacteria” and by the look of things is a Sega Fan has put together a one of a kind portable Dreamcast. The modded portable console has a Sony PSone 5″ LCD screen for display, N64 superpad joystick instead of a Dreamcast controller joystick, and parts from a PAL Dreamcast, it even has a built in Visual Memory Unit. The portable device which unintentionally happens to look like a lunch box, gives close to 2 and a half hours of gameplay for every full charge.
The whole portable system took 4 months to build, and although it won’t fit in your pocket it looks pretty neat and plays Unreal Tournament and Quake III very well. Oh and if you’re interested in buying one, it is not for sale unless you are generous enough to make an offer above £5000 i.e $8100(yeah sure).
This does bring back fond memories of Jet Grind Radio, Power Stone, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Shenmue which were a bunch of awesome games that came out on the system back in the days. Check out the presentation and worklog videos below. You can also visit his official blog for more info.