Sony Stock Price Reaches A 10 Year High

Following the end of the PS4’s lifespan, Sony’s financials were on a slippery downward spiral. The Japanese electronics company had multiple variables working against them, some of which included failed ventures and electronic competitors gaining substantial ground against them.

Under the CEO leaders of Kaz Hirai Sony did a 180, with Tuesday’s stock closing price reaching an all-time high of $51.30 per share. This has been the highest trading price in 10 years.

‘Sony closed at a 10-year high of ¥5,705 ($51.30) on Tuesday, following a 4.5 percent rise Monday, taking its total market value to around $65 billion, allowing it to overtake industrial instrument and equipment maker Keyence. The stock is up more than 12 percent so far this year. ‘

While Hirai may not be in the position he once had, he did state earlier this year that when he steps down he may continue to advise the company further. With the PS4 nearing the end of its lifespan – we can only hope that the price will continue to increase.

Source – THR