Warframe is Coming To Nintendo Switch

This year at Tennocom, Digital Extreme dropped a ton of new announcements for their third-person action RPG Warframe. One of the biggest (and IMO, most exciting) is that Digital and Panic Button would be partnering up to bring the RPG to Nintendo Switch.

Now if you didn’t know, Panic Button has previously handled Switch ports for DOOM, Wolfenstein II and Rocket League (all of which look friggin’ awesome might I add.)

Of course, we don’t know how the game will run as of yet, but we’ll be able to expect the exact same Warframe treatment, excited on the handy portable console. That means, the same degrees of customization, tons of weapons, mods, 35 different Warframes, clans and massive worlds like Plains of Eidolon. The Switch version, much like other platforms, will be completely free-to-play – and as I would expect, probably won’t feature cross-play with the PS4.

As of right now, that’s kinda all that we know – hopefully, we’ll get some more news from Digital Extreme in the coming months. Thoughts? Let us know in the comments down below.