Nier Automata Xbox One HDR Is Concluded As Fake

Last week Nier Automata finally landed on Microsoft’s Xbox One – bringing the genre-defying third-person title to Sony’s nemesis. As with any new release the community has been analyzing the Xbox One version – and it seems that faults have already been found.

When turning on HDR, the game apparently does the opposite of the intended effect, making the game look even worse. This was discovered by resetERA user EvilBoris who has shared his findings in a post with a detailed look at the HDR in the game.

He concludes that the HDR implementation is poor, making the colour look more washed out than anything.

‘The game is entirely in SDR and is expanded from 8bit to 10bit and then adjusted to fit into the appropriate place within an HDR ouput and then is sending the signal to the TV that the content is HDR. Nothing is gained, in fact things that would have previously been darker now become lighter than then should be, resulting in a lower contrast image, washed out image. This is the HDR equivalent of upscaling and claiming the game is a higher resolution than it actually is. But then actually up-scaling it incorrectly and reducing the resolution a bit.’

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