Westworld iOS And Android Launches

Westworld, the popular HBO series which released back in 2016 has just received a mobile release on Android and iOS.

“As a new Delos employee, learn to control Westworld. From bloody sunrises to romantic sunsets, you’ll pair Guests with Hosts, fulfilling their wildest dreams from the shadows. Because in a world ruled by desire, everyone has a role to play. Including you,” the official description reads.

The game’s mechanics are mostly about building park locations and creating hosts. In total there are 170 AI hosts that the player will be able to manage. Everything “from their Props to their Reveries” is customizable, and for the best results, you’ll need to match guests with the best host to “satisfy their every desire. From romance to robbery, Guests are here to live without limits.”

What’s pretty awesome with this release is that the title was produced and written internally, ensuring that no Westworld brilliance gets lost in this mobile release. Oh, and if you were wondering, characters from the series such as Delores and Bernard will play a part in the mobile game.